Just three weeks after US billionaire Elon Musk became the largest shareholder of the social network Twitter, on Monday he completed the purchase of the platform, after offering 44 billion dollars.

This was announced by the tycoon himself, under a context in which Twitter’s board of directors had allegedly rejected some offers and was not entirely convinced to sell to the company.

Now, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX will become the owner of the social network after offering $54.2 for each common share.

«I want to make Twitter better than it has ever been by improving the product with new features, making algorithms open source to increase trust, bring down bots and authenticate all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential, I look forward to working with the company and the community,» Elon Musk stated on his official Twitter profile.

Based on this and the previous statements, everything seems to indicate that the owner of Tesla will pay special attention to spam profiles, as well as «free» speech, it should be remembered that on some occasions Twitter has been accused of censorship, as in the case of the deactivation of Donald Trump’s account before the instigations to violence in January 2021 or the limitation of reach of publications of Russian media before the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Faced with this, there were even reactions, the organization Amnesty International issued a position because they «are concerned» that the right to freedom of expression becomes Twitter «absolutely» and that hate speech or fake news should not be allowed, with the aim of «keeping users safe».


Elon Musk’s offer to pay 44 billion dollars to acquire the social network is backed by various percentages, a part will be given in cash and another will be obtained from financing by various financial institutions.


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