After a few months of speculation and waiting for an imminent trial between Twitter and Elon Musk, who made a formal offer for the social network withdrawing it later for alleged concealments of information, this October 4 it was announced that the tycoon would have sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) to confirm its intention to acquire for the initial price of $54.2 per share, which would indicate a total price of $44 billion.

According to the office that has already been released by some media, Musk seeks to resume the fallen negotiations for the purchase, also makes some indications regarding needs that he considers essential for it to be possible to realize the operation.

Among the conditions are listed that the terms of the agreement signed between both parties on April 25, 2022, which establishes the form of additional financing and the mechanisms to correct the acquired debt, would have to be respected. At the same time, he requests that the trial be postponed, as well as the rest of the procedures involved in this process, with the certainty that he is right.

This was already confirmed by Twitter through its profile dedicated to investor relations, which confirmed the amount to close the transaction at $ 54.2 per share.

It should be remembered that this is announced three months after Musk announced his withdrawal from the agreement, in July 2022 and derived from this, the social network sued him to ask him to be responsible for his contractual obligations, remembering that there was a binding document.

Now, we will have to wait for the response of Twitter that can accept the deal and close the operation or continue with the trial, which would mean, in case a judge rules in its favor, that the social network gains more resources.


The breaking point of the negotiation between Twitter and Elon Musk occurred when the tycoon was dissatisfied with the information that Twitter had regarding the number of bots that existed on the platform, Musk was never satisfied with the information they provided, despite the fact that they provided him with a database of 500 million tweets and real-time data from his API.

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