Through an interview conducted on Twitter Spaces, Elon Musk said that he completed the purchase of Twitter last year because he considered that he was going to be legally forced to buy it.

In a chat with James Clayton, BBC reporter, the tycoon who owns Tesla and SpaceX as well as other companies, explained that he had to finalize the purchase before all the legal actions that were triggered from some declarations of interest of acquisition and offers.

As background, we must remember that, although Musk initially began the process of buying Twitter, then chose to cancel it due to alleged lack of information regarding the false accounts of the social network and possible inflation of real numbers of users and underestimation of the number of bots.

However, this was not enough, since Twitter initiated a trial for the purchase to be finalized and before this, Elon Musk in the end opted to acquire the social network for a total of 44 billion dollars.

In addition to the controversial statement, Musk said that after hundreds of layoffs and looking for advertisers for the platform, Twitter is now «on the verge of reaching financial balance.»

Since the arrival of Musk, Twitter has changed some issues, such as the fact of monetizing the social network through Twitter Blue subscriptions, which offers benefits for those who pay about $ 10 a month, including the coveted «blue popcorn» of verification, being able to edit tweets, that the algorithm gives you a «privileged» place, among other benefits.

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