Elon Musk, owner of the company SpaceX announced that a  new satellite internet service called Starlink Aviation will be launched, whose main purpose is to allow plane trips to have a high-speed and low-latency connection, similar to what they have with normal Starlink, so there will be coverage worldwide.

The firm announced on its official website that Starlink Aviation will be available in the coming year and promises speeds of up to 350 mbps on each plane, so without problems you could consume audiovisual content in maximum quality and even make video calls, play online or transmit, all regardless of the speed and altitude at which the plane is.

For this, it is expected to have a latency of 20ms that is considered low and could allow actions to be carried out on the internet that were not previously able to be carried out due to technical impediments.

By promising coverage throughout the planet, it is specified that the planes that contract the service will have connection regardless of whether they are on land, oceans or even in polar regions, since Starlink assures, it has the «largest satellite constellation in the world», for this it is required that the team has a clear sky view.

Starlink Aviation will use «aero terminals» that feature an electronically directed phased array antenna, which they say will have «reliability, redundancy and performance.» In addition, the company promises that such devices will be easy to install and downtime for aircraft will be minimal.


This service can already be reserved, with an initial payment of 5 thousand dollars. After that, Starlink will contact customers to agree on the next steps to follow and service options before their order is concluded, however, it is made clear that there are no long-term contracts and that all plans have unlimited data and as long as it is paid you will have a guarantee.

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