The Federal Institute of Telecommunications in Mexico (IFT) in conjunction with the PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection Agency) immediately ordered the suspension of the blocking of devices of the so-called gray market in Mexico, the measure was beginning to be implemented mainly by brands such as ZTE, Motorola and Samsung to which Xiaomi was thought to join, however this Thursday, October 19, PROFECO and the IFT spoke out against the measure and They ordered the suspension of the action on the grounds that it violated the rights of consumers in the way it was being carried out.

The absolute blocking of terminal equipment, in the form in which it is carried out, affects the rights of consumers and end users.

Manufacturers are invited to form part of a working group in which the different actors involved participate, in order to identify measures and implement actions to face the challenges posed by the grey market, safeguarding the rights of users and consumers at all times.

PROFECO and the IFT, in adherence to and observance of their regulatory frameworks, call on companies that have implemented blocking measures to suspend such actions immediately. This is done with the aim of avoiding effects on consumers and users until the appropriate measures and actions are analyzed to help address the regulatory, commercial and legal challenges that the «gray market» brings with it.

This was cited by the official authorities through an official statement.

In this way, it is a setback to the brands that intended to completely block smartphones acquired in the gray market in Mexico.

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