For some weeks in China, health restrictions have been tightened in the face of Covid-19 outbreaks, which has led to effects on various sectors, including private initiative and in particular Tesla, which, according to Bloomberg, will make its workers at the factory located in Shanghai have to sleep in its facilities.

This has to do with the fact that there was a restart in production after the three-week closure and curfew that was had in the Asian country to curb the spread of Covid-19 cases in its territory.

Therefore, in the face of delays, the company owned by Elon Musk informed through a memorandum that they will give each employee a sleeping bag and a mattress, which must be placed on the floor of an area designated for rest, as well as specific areas will be created for showers, entertainment and food.

Now, within other policies also contemplated by Tesla to continue with its production, they are listed to carry out a NAAT test to detect Covid-19 during the first three days of entry to the plant, in addition to having temperature controls twice a day and workers must wash their hands four times a day.

For doing this, workers will benefit from $ 63 a day on average (varies according to the position), in addition to Tesla will give them three meals a day, a period that began on Sunday night and would end on May Day, although it could be modified according to China’s prevention policies.

Similarly, in the report, Bloomberg details that until before the break caused by the increase in Covid-19 cases in Shanghai, Tesla employees worked in 8-hour shifts for five days and having two days of rest, which allowed the firm to cover 24 hours of the 7 days in production, that is, all the time there was work. However, given the delay, they asked for 12-hour days a day with six days of work and one free.


Based on information from Bloomberg, it is established that the Tesla factory located in China has logistical problems, since it has inventory only for two weeks, so it must increase its production of cars per day to meet its production demand.

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