Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported that, in August 2022, the entertainment center of the cars of the same name to the brand will have the expected integration of the digital video game distribution service, Steam.

The integration of Steam games into TESLA cars was announced in early 2022, there was no definite date on the integration, a fact that changed through a tweet made by Musk in which he assured «they are making progress with the integration of Steam».

Currently it is unknown if the owners of a Tesla will be able to buy things on Steam from the comfort of their vehicle or will only be able to access their account to download games, it is not known if the entire wide catalog of the platform will be available or only some titles.

TESLA vehicles have powerful entertainment systems, for example, the Model S Plaid features one powered by an AMD-designed Ryzen processor, as well as an AMD RDNA 2 GPU, which practically puts it at the level of processing and performance of a PlayStation 5.

Currently the owners of a Tesla can play through the Arcade function, one of the games that stands out is Cuphead.

Since its creation, TESLA has been involved in the controversy regarding its infotainment center, some users say that drivers can play while the vehicle is moving, a fact that would go against safety, although it has a system to help drive, it is emphasized that at all times the driver must be aware of the road.


In mid-2021, Elon Musk presented Tesla’s Model S Plaid, where he assured, the car would be able to run one of the games that was then in trend, the Cyberpunk 2077, by ensuring that its new entertainment center was capable of running games at 60 fps, having 10 teraflops of computing power,  very close to the 10.28 teraflops used by the PS5.

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