From a shortage of parking spaces, lack of desks to work and even internet speed failures are some of the problems that Tesla employees have reported to the media after the return to their face-to-face activities.

This comes just weeks after Tesla owner Elon Musk took his stance against the Home Office, to such an extent that he declared, if there were people who opposed the return in person «they would have to pretend to work elsewhere» (they would be fired).

According to The Verge, Tesla employees in Fremont, California reported problems at their workplace, which began with a lack of parking spaces, so some made the decision to leave their car at a nearby transit station and use Tesla’s shuttle service. Then, when they arrived at the workplace, not all employees had a desk to work at, since during the pandemic the space was reorganized and the firm continued to grow during the two years since the arrival of Covid-19.

Another of the incidents that there were was the fact of the low WiFi signal, something strange due to the fundamentals of Tesla of being a highly technological firm.

Stemming from all the conflicts, it was reported that some managers chose to send some workers home to work remotely.

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk, in addition to making a strong position against remote work, said he had «a bad feeling» and assured that he could fire 10 percent of Tesla employees; if until 2021 more than 100,000 workers were counted in the firm, there would be talk of a cut of more than 10,000 workers, because the company has continued to grow.


In recent days, Elon Musk has had quite a presence in the media Derived from his activity, on the one hand, he was sued for promoting the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, he was criticized for firing SpaceX employees, his statements about the fact that Tesla could open a production plant in Mexico or Canada were resumed, in addition to the fact that there is still no news for the purchase of Twitter due to the lack of information about fake accounts.


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