It is not a secret that Elon Musk is one of the people in the technology community who usually advances some of his future launches through social networks and again made a controversial publication that gave something to talk about by ensuring that Tesla’s Cybertruck vehicle will be able to cross rivers, lakes «and even seas» that are not very agistados.

The above would have to do with the fact that Musk assures, the vehicle will be sufficiently resistant to water, so, thanks to this feature, it will be allowed to make tours for example from the Starbase (a SpaceX headquarters in Texas) to a tourist island called South Padre.

Doing the calculations, Internet users specify that this would represent a journey in the water of 360 meters, which is equivalent to the shortest distance in terms of traveling from the mainland to the island, through the arrival of the Brazos Santiago Pass.

However, in order to perform that feat, which would undoubtedly be something extremely relevant for the Cybertruck, the truck would have to integrate a landing gear that was waterproof so that it can float in the sea and that, through it, drivers can move without problems in calm waters through the propulsion of the wheels.

However, there are already regulators of the United States government that have positioned themselves against the realization of this practice, even the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Washington responded to Elon Musk’s tweet to comment that his recommendation would be that anything that serves briefly as a boat should not be used as a boat.

Tesla’s Cybertruck was presented in 2019 and after several delays, some of them attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic will make it possible to launch it from 2023.

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