Through the publication of a tweet, Elon Musk, entrepreneur owner of Tesla, said that the company specialized in the creation of smart cars is in the process of implementing a new feature for its vehicles: the incorporation of a library of video games developed by Steam.

This is not something new, since last year the company was already making preparations, the Tesla Model S Plaid incorporated a Ryzen processor, developed by AMD and which is accompanied by an AMD RDNA 2 GPU that provided a performance similar to that presented by the PlayStation 5.

Through a publication the account of the video game Cyberpunk 2077 thanked the wait and the support of the players to which Elon Musk replied: «Great game». Ryan McCaffrey editor of the medium IGN asked Musk the tentative date of availability of the video game for tesla’s S and X models, the tycoon replied: «We are working on making Steam games work on Tesla, not specific games, this is where we should obviously be in the long term.»

Currently the Tesla S and X models have a computer oriented to the use of video games, which can be enjoyed through the front and rear touch screens of the vehicles.

Videocardz medium specialized made a comparison of Tesla video game computers resulting in the possibility of running console video games without problem.

Due to the fact that Tesla drivers can play even when the vehicle is in motion there is an open process by the U.S. Office of Traffic Regulation, Tesla announced that this option would not be allowed from the end of 2021.


If the fact that Teslas can use the Steam library materializes, it would mean adding to its catalog more than 92,196 titles in the different categories of video games, according to data from mid-2021.

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