Through the PlayStation blog, Sony made public the design of the PlayStation VR2, which was inspired by an «orb» according to the brand, which published some photos of the new device focused on the continuation of the company’s commitment to virtual reality in its video game console.

Among the novelties, the possibility of adjusting the lens is listed, the motor responsible for the feedback of the helmet was made smaller in order that it did not affect the final weight of the product so much and thus be lighter than the previous model; it will also have a PS5-style ventilation system to prevent screens from fogging up.

The first kits of the PlayStation VR2 are already in the hands of some developers, in the future it will be possible for them to publish games optimized with the product, there is still no date or release price.

According to the publication, the device is also inspired by the PlayStation 5 product line, in addition to that, according to Sony, when the console was designed, there was already a preview of how they would manufacture the new products focused on virtual reality.

Even when looking at the viewfinder you can notice rounded edges, which have a resemblance to those of the DualSense control of the PS5, as well as the Pulse 3D headphones; Sony claims that the design is focused on the constant use of the product.

The goal of the helmet is to become «an attractive part of the decoration» in the home of the person who acquires it, while keeping the user «immersed» in their game world and promising that individuals who wear it «will almost forget» that they wear a helmet or a control.

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