After the announcement of Netflix’s loss of subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years, the platform is contemplating the possibility of adding to its offer a new plan with a lower cost than it currently offers and that would include advertising.

This report, originally made by CNBC, ensures that the launch period would be one to two years and even has the approval of Reed Hastings, co-CEO of the company.

The Executive said that this option could represent an opportunity for the streaming service, which recently reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the last quarter and could reach up to 2 million in the coming months.

This would highlight the change of opinion of Reed Hastings, the corporate member of Netflix had previously spoken out against such a model, everything seems to indicate that he reconsidered after the current metrics.

The reconsideration has to do with the fact that other streaming services have already officially announced that they will have plans with ads, such as Disney+ that will have one from 2023, other platforms such as HBO Max already offer it in some countries such as Spain and the United States, in the latter its difference price is 5 dollars with respect to the premium version.

All of the above, under the context in which Netflix announced to its investors the quarterly results in which the loss of followers was highlighted, the streaming giant blamed users who share passwords, everything indicates that in the coming months or perhaps years the policy of using Netflix in a single home that has given so much to talk about in recent months will be implemented.

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