A few months ago information was released about the possibility of launching a Netflix plan at a low cost which concurs with ads. The new plan would be closer than planned, it would arrive from November 2022 with a price that would be between 7 and 9 USD.

The arrival of the new plan has to do with the fact that Netflix seeks to defeat Disney+ who owns exclusive content from Marvel and Star Wars and would also be thinking of launching content with a similar plan of ads from December 8, 2022 at an approximate cost of 7.99 USD.

Like most Netflix releases, the new plan would come according to the countries gradually, in the first phase would be contemplated the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany; so far, no countries in Latin America or Asia have been mentioned.

The operation of the Netflix ad plan for subscribers would consist of the display of ads of 4 minutes every hour in the case of the series, in the case of movies the ads would be displayed prior to the start of the transmission. Access to Netflix’s own content would be assured, however, content licensed by other production companies would not be accessible in this package.


In mid-July 2022, Netflix released a report in which it revealed a loss of 970,000 subscribers in the second quarter of that year, a period in which the fourth season of Stranger Things, one of its most successful audiovisual products, was launched.

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