After a poor performance of the Exynos processors will be reported in the Galaxy S22 Samsung will try again and now create a new specialized one for the Galaxy S25 series, which will be implemented within 3 years.

The first media to resume this was Business Korea, who said that Samsung has already begun the process of developing the new processor that would be used in the Galaxy series with the aim of carrying out a measure similar to that made by Apple and its top-of-the-range Bionic chips.

Among the reasons for Samsung to contemplate this possibility, highlights the fact that they do not want to be so dependent on other manufacturers, which becomes relevant in the face of the shortage of chips that exists around the world. In addition, it would also have to do with the game optimization service (SOC) and its recent controversy, which according to tests carried out was reported to limit the performance of several Android applications, so the Korean brand would be looking to develop its own SOC with less energy consumption.

According to the report, Samsung’s objectives are extremely high, the South Korean brand would have a team of more than a thousand outstanding members for the creation of its new chipset with the aim of creating a more powerful processor than those of Apple.

The information specifies that the decisions of the brand would also be focused on the Galaxy S23 and S24 – which would have to be launched in 2023 and 2024 respectively according to the brand’s calendars – would incorporate a chipset from an external manufacturer, in which the favorite is Qualcomm and its Snapdragon, without ruling out the option of MediaTek.


In the Galaxy S22 series, computers with Exynos 2200 processor only reached Europe and some regions of Asia and Africa, in the remaining markets, Samsung preferred to use the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

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