For many years Google has been the default search engine on Samsung smartphones, however, this could change in the short term, the South Korean company would implement Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on their devices.

According to a report, the South Korean technology firm has been satisfied with Bing’s performance in recent months, due in large part to the integration of artificial intelligence  through ChatGPT technology owned  by OpenAI and through which it is already possible to generate images from a text request.

Thereport also indicates  that Google is in the process of implementing search functions powered by artificial intelligence, which would mean that Alphabet does not want to be left behind in the  implementation of AI, technology that has surprised the world.

The Google project would be called Magi and orwould offer a  service experience  with greater personalization than  the current search engine of the company  which will have essential features such as anticipating the needs of the person, all of the  above due to the possibility of change of Samsung default search engine.

Google  currently pays Samsung an estimated $3 billion annually  to be the default search engine,  a switch to Microsoft’s Bing would mean a loss of search and a decrease in its advertising revenue. During  the year 2022, the division  of Alphabet (Google) had a value of 162 billion dollars that concentrated a market share of 93.17%, an exorbitant figure compared to the 3% that Bing  currently has.

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