According to reports Samsung is in the process of development and future launch of a device focused on augmented reality, which would apply a hologram technology so that the user sees an object with a lot of quality and extremely real, but that in reality does not exist.

According to the information, this technology has already been in development for some time, thanks to research by the Advanced Technological Institute of Samsung, who decided to place a processor of the Exynos series that will run android as an operating system.

The leak suggests that Samsung is carrying out «extremely coordinated work» with the company Digilens specialized in extended reality, in addition to that in another project it collaborates with Microsoft to offer augmented reality headphones that are incorporated into the series of devices focused on that technology.

With this announcement, the «battle» between Samsung and Apple is resumed, which would now not only be limited to smartphones, but also in the race towards metaverse devices. It should be remembered that according to expert analysis, Cuppertino also plans to launch virtual reality glasses at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023.

However, currently the master and lord of virtual reality technology is Meta (formerly Facebook), with his company Oculus concentrates up to 70% of the product market in this field that is in the process of creating a device focused on the metaverse which would have a micro OLED screen and Google software.


Based on analysis of economic rating agencies, it is expected that the industry of products focused on augmented and virtual realities will grow by up to 80% each year, so more and more companies are beginning to venture into this field.

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