One of the most popular NFTs games, Axie Infinity, was hacked in recent days and consequently the masterminds took an approximate bag of 625 million dollars in cryptocurrencies.

The information published by the developer Sky Mavis was released on Tuesday, the fact happened on March 23 and had not been discovered by anyone from the team of creators of the game, but at the time when a user tried to withdraw 5 thousand ETH through Ronin, the blockchain of the game, the system did not allow it to do so.

According to the analyst, in order to carry out the operation, the hackers used hacked private keys, so they managed to violate the service and falsify transactions. This is somewhat similar to what happened with Wormhole in February, when approximately $318 million worth of crypto was stolen.

Returning to the subject of Axie Infinity and in particular Ronin it was reported that in total the hackers managed to obtain up to 173,600 Ethereum, which is equivalent to approximately 600 million dollars, as well as 25.5 million dollars in a stablecoin linked to the dollar. In total, there were two transactions in which Ronin validation nodes of Sky Mavis and Axie Dao were committed.

The Ronin blockchain uses a total of nine validation nodes and to achieve the attack, those responsible accessed a total of five validation signatures.

Similarly, Ronin announced that they are already taking action on the matter to prevent this from happening again, so they will increase the validation threshold from five to eight, in addition to the fact that they could migrate their security nodes to a new infrastructure. As for the possible tracking of the funds, the blockchain is in the process of being followed up with Chainalysis, as well as forensic cryptographers to be able to know more details about it.


As of the end of March 2022, Axie Infinity had a market capitalization of $3.866 billion 752.267. It was released in March 2018 and has since concentrated thousands of players.

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