The Pokémon Company announced a vacancy of director of corporate development with a specialty in knowledge of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Blockchain and Metaverse, applicants must also possess knowledge of Web 3.

According to some reports, Pokémon is in the process of searching for a person who can lead the identification, evaluation, execution of investments and strategic projects in the field of NFTs.

If the news is confirmed, the company would be following in the footsteps of Niantic, the firm in charge of developing Pokémon Go that is in the process of developing a collection of NFTs, for which Chikai known collector of digital art and co-creator of Google Earth was chosen as director.

The most recent release of The Pokémon Company was the new version of the card game, but  the foray into blockchain technology was never handled as a possibility.

Pokémon is extremely strict with its intellectual property, just remember that a few months ago it initiated a procedure against Pokémon Pty Ltd, a company whose mission was to bring the monsters of the cartoon to the NFTs through its PokéWorld collection.

Despite being a distant possibility the fact that Pokémon Company ventures into a collection of NFTs or some project related to blockchains is not impossible since there are some similar companies that have opted for NFTs that had a special growth in 2021 as are the cases of:  Ubisoft, Konami and Square Enix, video game creators.

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