Half a year after a multimillion-dollar hack of the game based on a cryptocurrency, Axie Infinity, a website specialized in the subject of digital currencies announced that it was possible to recover about 5 percent of the loot, corresponding to 30 million dollars that were seized by the people conducting the investigation.

The above, considering that the total of cryptocurrencies that were stolen were approximately 625 million dollars, in an attack that is allegedly linked to hackers originating in North Korea.

It should be noted that since Axie Infinity announced the attack, it reported that it would collaborate with the authorities, as well as with companies specialized in the field to track where the resources went. Through this technique is that they found the 30 million dollars part of the theft and later, they proceeded to freeze the account where they were, although not much information has been specified if it was in a bank account or in a wallet.

On the other hand, it was reported that, derived from the tracking of the funds it was possible to know that to date, they have moved in more than 12 thousand different cryptographic addresses, which is considered as a technique of laundering decentralized finances consisting of five stages, the first is the theft committed in the Ehter currency,  which was sent to intermediary wallets, later they carried out a process of mixing in batches using the Tornado Cash tool and finishing, they changed the currency to bitcoin. The last two final steps were to mix them in batches again and then they were deposited in some currency of some country, to withdraw it.

Derived from this and the important role that Tornado Cash had in the money laundering process, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury issued some sanctions against the tool, in addition to the fact that its main developer, Alexey Pertsev in the Netherlands, was arrested and crypto addresses linked to the platform were blocked.


At the end of March, an attack on Axie Infinity was announced that left a theft of 625 million dollars in cryptocurrencies; so far it is known that the likely perpetrators are a group of hackers called Lazarus, allegedly originally from North Korea. So far, it is said that most of the stolen funds are unspent in crypto wallets.


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