The Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) had their «boom» in 2021, it was an industry that generated millions of dollars and although they are currently in force, not in all areas they are a success, now who did badly in this area was Chevrolet, which tried to auction one of a Corvette Z06, which also included a car in real life, although despite the offer, no one entered the bidding.

The artist xsullo collaborated with the car brand for the creation of an NFT of this famous luxury car model, which had a starting price of 206 ethereum, which was equivalent in the time that the offer was in force to a value of between 239 and 252 thousand dollars.

Given the expiration of the deadline and that no one offered for the NFT, the organizer Superare extended the time for someone to bid for 24 more hours, although this action was not successful because everything ended in that nobody was interested enough to pay the high amount for the luxury car.

In case someone had offered, they would have been credited with having an NFT and «as a gift», a real Corvette Z06 with mint green color, which included a 207 Performance package, which includes carbon fiber wheels, a 5.5-liter V8 engine that has up to 670 horsepower, in addition to accessories that ensure, they improve the aerodynamics of the car which makes it easier to handle, as well as faster.

Good news for Chevrolet is that the terms and conditions stated that the actual car would only be manufactured and distributed until after the auction ended, so it won’t mean losses for the automaker.

Even there is already a reaction of the firm to the auction, Chevrolet spokesman Trevor Thompkins said that «they will take what they have learned for future similar projects» which opens the possibility that the brand will try again with NFTs or cryptocurrencies.
In addition to the artist who could not sell his hyper-realistic work, set in a futuristic place with predominantly green, purple and blue colors, the non-profit organization DonorsChoose was left waiting for a profit, part of the sale would have been destined to causes of access to education.


Hours after the auction closed, some users «tried» to buy the NFT, at a lower price than Chevrolet had set. There is a record of offers between the .77 ethereum, equivalent to approximately 17 thousand 500 pesos, up to four ethereum, with an estimated value of 91 thousand 200 pesos, however, none was successful, so the NFT and the real car will not have an owner for the moment.

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