TM Roh President and Head of the Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics reported a few days ago that in February news of the brand would be announced through the well-known Unpacked events, however the date on which it would take place was unknown, Samsung confirmed that it will be next February 9.

«Join us as we break the rules to set the epic standard in Samsung Unpacked» mentions the post on Twitter made on the official account of the company to announce the launch, while showing a video in which you can see a number 22 that becomes an S making a clear reference to the launch of the Galaxy S22.

When entering the registration website to see the event, a brief description of the device is advanced, which is defined as on a smartphone «that can capture the night with the best and brightest photos and videos», in addition to ensuring, it will have power, speed and revolutionary tools.

However, it seems that it will not be the only one presented, it is also expected that the successor of the Galaxy Note will be made public, which would be present by the hand of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which would collect the distinctive features such as the large size of the screen and the use of the pencil manufactured by Samsung.

Currently there are some leaks of what Samsung could present at its event, such as those that mention that the new devices will maintain the same design as the previous generation, although there will be improvements in the strengths of the device, to such an extent that the brand promises to «be rewriting the future of smartphones» which has made its followers increase expectations of the new technology that will be announced.


TM Roh President and Head of the Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics said that the company’s new device will be «the smartest» so far, in addition to the camera being able to «dominate the night», so he promised the best photos taken with a cell phone, in addition to being a device that stands out in terms of power and speed.

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