Less than a week after Microsoft released the 2022 Windows 11 update, some users began reporting performance issues with their computers, especially in gaming.

According to reports, this would be happening in build number 2621.521 (KB5017321), in which Reddit users report that after the update they have had performance problems when they use the computer normally, but they intensify when using games when there are random drops in the frames per second, ranging from 120 to 30 without any explanation.

The user ChopT said that despite having a system with Intel12700K processor (Core i7 with up to 5.00 GHz), 3080 Ti graphics card and DDR5 RAM, he has found this type of problems, which he said can be solved when returning to an earlier version of Windows 11.

A similar case was written by user Nahthe77, since the use of his CPU was reduced by up to 80 percent when using games and like ChopT just by undoing the last update the games returned to the usual performance.

Another testimony was reported by user Crenneth, who described that he encountered «a stutter» when he tried to play on his computer that has an Intel Core i9 processor and a 3080 Ti graphics card.

All players reported that in the first instance they disabled the default system settings which did not work to fix the problem. Derived from the high number of cases, there is already a thread on Reddit where users support each other to solve the bug, Microsoft also opened a topic in its forums for the solution of performance problems.


On September 20, Microsoft released the 2022 version of Windows 11, which aimed to make the computer simpler and safer to use, increase user productivity, as well as some changes to the system start menu, a faster search, among other improvements.

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