Through user reports on social networks, it was reported that Microsoft is in the process of experimenting to include ads within the File Explorer of its most recent operating system, Windows 11, which would be a new way for the company to obtain resources, although the reactions have not been the most positive in this regard.

This appeared in the latest trial version of Windows 11 and right is located at the top of Explorer, with short text and in a very small box. The message used by Microsoft is to encourage the use of another of its products, the Editor.

In this regard, the media specialized in computer and technology, The Verge confirmed the information by contacting Microsoft directly, who reported that the banner is an «experiment» and according to them, «it was not yet intended to be displayed», so it was already disabled from File Explorer.

Despite the dissatisfaction generated by this news in some users, the truth is that there is already a precedent regarding the appearance of advertising in the Microsoft operating system, in Windows 10 on some occasion an «offer» appeared to promote the service of One Drive and Office 365.

Another precedent was when Microsoft included paid ads in its start menu, as well as the action of promoting applications with the aim that some programs had more downloads.

One of the new features that are being tested in Windows 11 in File Explorer is the function of having tabs, which will allow you to open multiple folders in a single window.


Windows 11 was officially released on October 5, 2021 and is in the phase of gradual deployment for users through the Windows 11 installation wizard in Windows Update and through installation media such as the disk image download.

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