It is no secret that Meta has as its main objective the creation of a metaverse that can pay for the daily life of its users, with ambitious plans so that they can work, distract themselves and meet people through augmented reality, now, a report indicates that for this, the company will launch three new models of augmented reality glasses in the coming years.

The information, originally published by the specialized media The Verge, ensures that Meta has plans to launch a model of glasses every two years, in which the first would arrive in 2024, the second in 2026 and finally, the third in 2028, in addition to this would not include the Hypernova model that is also expected, will be presented in the future and that has as its main particularity that it could be connected with smartphones.

Based on its forecasts, Meta expects the «boom» of augmented reality to be close to the year 2030, when it plans to sell «tens of millions» of smart glasses, so, according to sources within the firm, the high flat intends that the glasses become what in its time was the iPhone.

The first model that Meta plans to launch is called Nazare, which would be totally independent of connecting to another device, an action that has as its main intention that its product does not have to be dependent on third parties such as Apple and Google, for example.

Among the supposed features that this product would have, a four-hour battery life, eye tracking, front camera, projectors and stereo audio are included.

Only last week it was announced that Meta had reassigned hundreds of employees who were looking for the creation of their own operating system and when aprecer, this has to do with the intention that the first glasses would come from the hand of an operating system derived from Android, since the firm would not be able to have its own ecosystem by 2024, expected product release date.


According to a report, Meta’s plans are to launch a first model of augmented reality glasses in 2024, subsequently launch a model with lighter and more advanced design in 2026 and a more specialized one in 2028.

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