Through his profile on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced new tools for content creators whose main objective is to deal with TikTok and thus encourage the permanence of «influencers» on Facebook and Instagram social networks of Meta.

According to Zuckerberg, there will be a new tab on Instagram dedicated to creators, through which brands can see the audiovisual products of the creators and in case of going with the ideals of the brands make hires.

The announcement was complemented by the specialized media Techcrunch, Meta would implement an inbox of special messages in which creators could receive offers and projects of their interest, similar to Creator Marketplace that is in force on TikTok.

Through subscriptions, exclusive groups can be created for people who pay a fee to support their favorite influencers and thus access special content. In this particular feature, interoperability with other platforms is expected, although which ones have not been announced.

Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta said that the tools that are already enabled, such as monetizable reels and Facebook stars will have an extension.

In the case of reels, the number of users who can access them will be extended, in addition to having the possibility of spreading both on Facebook and Instagram. For its part, the program of donations through «stars», undergoes changes and will be fully open to all eligible users with direct payment.


Another function that is in the process of being implemented in Instagram is the fact that users can show their NFTs in their profiles, which is already in the testing phase and whose enablement could be extended to Facebook.

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