Just a few weeks ago Apple announced its latest bet in the world of computer equipment, the Mac Studio. Since its presentation, it generated thousands of comments in favor of being considered one of the products with the greatest acceptance among technological users, especially among fans of the brand by positioning itself as the most powerful computer in the apple.

What makes Mac Studio special?

The new Mac Studio is defined by Apple as «An all-new Mac desktop that will transform any workspace into a professional studio.»

Among its strengths are its extremely compact design and at the same time a performance of the highest quality. Its design is only 19.7 centimeters wide and 9.5 high, so it can adapt any workspace. Something to note about the new Mac Studio is that it can be obtained with two different processors:


The first is the M1 Max chip, which features a 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, up to 64GB, and 400GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The M1 Max Chip promises playback of up to 9 video streams in 8K, features 57 million transistors and can do up to 11 trillion operations per second. In addition, up to 5 monitors can be connected and include storage of up to 8TB with read speeds of 7.4 GB per second.


There is also the most powerful option that has the new M1 Ultra chip, which has twice the specifications of its younger brother, since it literally consists of two M1 Max chips.

The M1 Ultra chip defined by the Apple brand as the most powerful processor ever seen in a personal computer can run up to 18 ProRes video streams in 8K, has 114 million transistors and can do up to 22 trillion operations per second. In terms of monitor connection and reading speeds, it has the same metrics as the M1 Max.


Another aspect to highlight is its work system. Being a small team you would expect it to be a noisy device that generated heating under high demand, however, Apple apparently foresaw this, since it is practically soundproof and with stable temperatures.

The Mac Studio in any of its configurations has several ports, on the front 2 USB-C or Thunderbolt 4, 1 SD card, while on the back it has 4 Thunderbolt 4 inputs, 1 10GB Ethernet, 2 USB-A, 1 HDMI and a 3.5 mm input for headphones.

The Mac Studio does not have peripherals such as Mouse and keyboard so they will have to be purchased separately. Like the monitor preferably the Studio Display which is the best complement to apple’s new release.

Customization and Repair

Recent tests showed that the Mac Studio has an average level of repair, it is not possible to modify the RAM so the RAM that is acquired is what the computer will have during its useful life.

On the other hand there are doubts about whether it will be possible to add additional storage to the Mac Studio, tests carried out by various users specialists in the internet indicate that the Mac Studio has an additional physical slot to which additional memories of another Mac Studio have been added but it has not been possible for this to be recognized by the system which until now would mean a software block,  while Apple has not announced future plans on possibilities of storage expansion by the user or technicians of the brand.

Details and price

The Mac Studio is available from $ 1,999 with M1 Max chip to $ 7,999 with M1 Ultra chip all depending on the capacity of RAM and storage.


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