5 months of September, the month in which Apple unveils the new iPhones, a render of what seems to be the iPhone 15 Pro has been leaked on the Internet.

The images were shared by 9to5mac and are based on schematic blueprints that were obtained by renowned leaker Max Winbach and other sources.

The main features that can be seen in the new iPhone 15 Pro are the following:

  • It will feature a titanium frame and rounded edges that seek to make the smartphone more comfortable to hold. (Information previously released by Mark Gurman).
  • The cameras will have a new increase in size, the modules will protrude from the body of the phone compared to the current iPhone 14 Pro.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro will be the first Apple phone to incorporate the USB-C port in a decision by the Cupertino company mostly guided by European Union restrictions that will take effect in 2024, which will mean the official goodbye of the Lightning connector owner of the Apple brand.}
  • The bezels are expected to be smaller relative to the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • Of this the possible incorporation of haptic volume and mute buttons which would eliminate the current physical buttons, the silent mode switch would also tend to disappear.

All the new surprises of the iPhone 15 will be announced in the coming months officially.

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