The parliament in the European Union approved that the USB-C port be the universal charging port for all phones, tablets and other electronic devices such as headphones, external batteries, among others.

Through a statement it was announced that the initiative gave a lot to talk about when it was endorsed in committees, it had already been approved by the plenary of the parliament, which would make it official.

Derived from the above, it was set as final deadlines of 2024 so that all smartphones, cameras and tablets sold in the old continent have USB-C input, which will also apply to Apple devices, which have the Lightning connector.

It should be mentioned that the decision was approved by a majority, 602 members of parliament voted in favor of the inclusion of the USB-C entry, only 13 people against, 8 abstained from casting a vote for or against.

Among the main foundations of the initiative, the fact that it seeks to reduce electronic waste and thereby «empower» buyers to make more sustainable decisions stands out.

Although it might seem that Apple is in trouble, it is also true that there are currently rumors that place the apple devices or at least the iPhone, with USB-C port from 2023, which would make sense when preparing for the entry of the new initiative.

It should also be noted that other devices that should have the aforementioned connector are portable video game consoles, portable speakers, electronic readers, keyboards, computer mice, GPS devices and even laptops, this last section only applies to those that are rechargeable at a power of 100W applicable until 2026.


«By the end of 2024, all mobile phones, tablets and cameras sold in the European Union will need to be equipped with a USB-C charging port.»

Communiqué of the European Parliament.

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