Just a few days before the initiative to standardize the USB-C port in electronic devices from 2024 will be approved in Europe, a similar initiative emerged in the United States.

The Group of Democratic Senators made up of Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, sent a letter addressed to Gina Raimondo, head of the Secretary of Commerce of the American Union with the aim of elaborating a strategy to standardize the common cargo ports of the different electronic devices.

As in Europe, US politicians say that the ports of entry that are patented generate a high number of electronic waste, so if a standardization is approved, it would make a significant decrease in electronic waste.

According to data presented by the senators, an average user owns three chargers of electronic devices, in the United States there are reports that 40% of users have not been able to charge their peripherals due to incompatibilities.

The main difference between the U.S. and European initiatives is that the U.S. initiative does not make the use of the USB-C standard mandatory, so it was requested to develop a comprehensive strategy for the creation of a new charging standard.


The first week of June, the European Union approved the initiative to make the charging standard for cell phones, digital cameras, tablets, e-readers, headphones, keyboards, mice USB-C. If the initiative becomes law, it will take effect from 2024.



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