From the specialized portal WABetaInfo, information has been obtained about the new function that is in the process of being launched by the instant messaging service, which will have as its main objective to hide the status «online» as one of the measures to increase the privacy of the user.

The function still in development, is in WhatsApp for Android in the beta with number, it shows the privacy menu where the time of the last connection is hidden, it can also be customized with the option of who can see the last time the user was online.

This option had already been found by the specialists of WABetaInfo in the application for iOS, when appearing in Android the development would be advancing and a release for all users would be sought in future updates.

The function will be simple to configure, in the settings you can choose between several visibility options, as it happens in terms of time of last connection, information and profile picture, in which you can show everyone, only registered contacts, registered contacts with exceptions or even no one.

Hiding the status «online» is intended to increase privacy for people who require it in terms of their connection status, something that is currently not eligible and in case of being online is automatically displayed.

At the moment there is no approximate date for it to be released openly to the public, it is likely to arrive before the end of 2022.


The latest updates that WhatsApp has launched have opened the possibility of reacting to messages with any emoji (considering that before you could only with some), pixelate photos and transfer chats from Android to iOS and vice versa, this last function was one of the most requested by users to not lose their data in case of changing operating system.

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