From the portal specialized in WhatsApp, WABetaInfo, it was announced that the messaging service would be in the process of developing a new function called «Communities», which is in the beta phase but has interesting features.

The media specifies that the improvement would consist of grouping within a single section all the communities in which a user is added, which reminds us of the administration that is done in some similar applications such as in the case of Slack or Discord.

There is even a capture of the new function, obtained from an Android device and in which, the removal of the camera tab is shown, so this last option would be relegated somewhere else in the application, that is, no longer in the main tabs.

This, added to the fact that there is already a confirmation that it is also being tested on Apple devices, is a clear sign, according to specialists in the field, that this function could really see the light in the devices in the coming months or even years, since being only in beta phase, it is unknown if it will arrive or stay in the testing phase.

«Communities allow all related groups to come together. Any community you create or are added to will appear here,» the leaked screenshot reads.

As expected from WhatsApp and in particular, from Meta, there is no more information about this possible new function, so it will be a matter of time to see if its publication is a failed idea. Another option to try it is to add to the trial version of WhatsApp in the Play Store, although it must be remembered that these spaces are limited and usually do not have a place for new members.


At the Western level, WhatsApp has more than 2 million users worldwide, so it accredits it as the most popular instant messaging application on the planet. Interestingly, the second place is occupied by Facebook Messenger also developed by Meta that has more than one thousand 300 million users.

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