In 2021 Windows 11 was officially launched, the latest update for PCs, however some rumors of the novelties of Windows 12 are already beginning to emerge.

According to information from Microsoft released through its release schedule, Windows 12 would arrive in 2024, which would mean a wait of 3 years with respect to the launch of Windows 11 that arrived in October 2021.

To understand the probable date of the release of Windows 12, it must be put in context that Microsoft had promised to make annual updates of the main features of Windows 11, through a report from Windows Central, it was announced that the update codenamed Sun Valley 3, corresponding to the year 2023, would have been canceled with the aim of waiting for the new version of the operating system to be released a year later.

What is known about Windows 12?

2024 is the tentative year for the launch of Windows 12, the truth is that the project is currently in its initial stages, that is, planning, so the details of the novelties are extremely scarce.

The curious facts that are known the tentative codename of Windows 12 would be «Next Valley», which is related to the Windows 11 updates that had the codename «Sun Valley», «Sun Valley 2» and even «Sun Valley 3», the latter would have been canceled by Microsoft, a company founded by Bill Gates.

The release time would be significant, previously Microsoft released a new operating system every 5 or 6 years with two or three «minor» updates every year.

Windows 7 was released in 2007, five years later Windows 8 was released. Among these updates were some such as Windows Vista, predecessor of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

For the launch of Windows 10 only 3 years passed with respect to Windows 8, Windows 10 was released in 2015. For the arrival of Windows 11, again Microsoft returned to the long update period, Windows 11 made its arrival with all its new features in 2021, which meant 6 years of waiting with respect to Windows 10.

Windows 12 details and pricing.

At the moment the prices of Windows 12 are not known, it is estimated that the update is free for Windows 11 users as it was for Windows 10 users who migrated to Windows 11 through Windows Update that met the required technical requirements.

We will have to wait a little longer for the technical requirements of Windows 12 as well as its main characteristics to be announced.

Microsoft and its almost 40 years of operation.

If the arrival of Windows 12 is confirmed in 2024, Microsoft would be 39 years old since its first software release, remembering that the first version of Windows was presented in December 1985 that in its beginnings was not so well received and was a direct competition with MacOS, Apple’s software.

The releases continued to arrive with Windows 2.0, released in 1987, Microsoft began to have a little more audience and buyers, until reaching its first commercial «hits» such as Windows 3.0 in 1990, which managed to sell up to 2 million copies in the first six months, which were undoubtedly considerable numbers for the time.

For some time, Windows put aside continuous numbering and preferred to sell its product named with the year of release, for example, Windows 95 which was released in that same year, as well as Windows 98.

The trend continued with Windows 2000 or Millennium Edition and was interrupted until different names were retaken, as in the case of Windows XP, released in October 2001 and Windows Vista that began its commercialization in 2007.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Microsoft went back to naming its Windows products by numbers, with the release of Windows 7, Windows 8 and its remastering: Windows 8.1.

Microsoft did not want to name any version of Windows as Windows 9 jumping until Windows 10 that came to PCs in 2015, the most recent version available is Windows 11, which continues the trend of naming the latest Operating System with the edition number.

So far the new version of the Microsoft Operating System has no name, Microsoft fans have given it the nickname «Windows 12», however, it is not defined.

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