A few weeks after Microsoft integrated ChatGPT (AI) in its Bing search engine, the Redmond company has announced that it will soon integrate DALL-E which aims to create images through commands.

Users will be able to access DALL-E through the Bing Image Creator tool, which will be available in creative mode  and will soon be available  in an open way to all users.

«By writing a description of an image and providing additional information such as location or activity, Image Creator will generate an image from your own imagination,» Microsoft posted on its blog about the arrival of what it called a «creative co-pilot.»

DALL-E is an artificial intelligence model that was also created by OpenIA which uses deep learning techniques to generate images from text descriptions, its name is made up of the combination of words «Dalí» (in honor of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí) and «Wall-E» (in reference to the character of the Pixar animated film).

Unlike other imaging models, DALL-E is capable of creating images of high quality and complexity, such as an elephant touching the drums or a spider made of cables, to name a few examples. This is because the model not only uses pattern-based imaging techniques, but can also combine objects and concepts in creative and innovative ways.

According to a position of OpenAI, the objective of DALL-E is to show the potential of artificial intelligence in the creation of visual content and potentially help drive the development of applications and technologies that use this technology.

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