MacOS Ventura will be the new version of Apple’s desktop and laptop operating system.

The main new features of MacOS will have an effect on applications such as Mail, Spotlight, Safari, Access Keys, Messages, iCloud Shared Photo Library, Visual Organizer, Facetime, Continuity Camera, Game Center, Freeform, in addition to including improvements in security, accessibility and privacy.

In the case of Mail, several improvements are expected to be included, including intelligent search optimization, the ability to cancel the sending of an email moments later, scheduling emails, tracking sent emails, setting reminders, as well as the ability to add links with preview.

Another tool with improvements will be Spotlight, which will offer file preview with quick view and more complete information, image search both on the Internet and in phone applications and the ability to perform quick actions from the application.

Safari, Apple’s native browser will also have improvements, including groups of tabs shared with other people, new synchronized configuration capabilities on websites, the possibility of receiving push notifications and even the increase in the number of languages that the browser can transfer. In addition, the saved Wi-Fi passwords can be consulted.

The keypad tool was also included in the list of improvements since now the way to log in will be optimized, protection against phishing and website leaks will be added and synchronization between devices will be implemented.

Regarding messages, interesting capabilities will be added such as the option to edit messages sent up to 15 minutes later, and a limit of 2 minutes is established to cancel the sending of messages. You will also be given up to 30 days to retrieve a message since it was deleted and movies, songs or games can be shared using SharePlay.

To all the improvements will be added a redesign of visual organization, the windows will be adjustable and an option will be added to access directly to the desktop, to change modes, among others.

FaceTime was included among the applications to improve, you can transfer calls from the Mac to the iPhone or iPad and vice versa, there will be the possibility of collaboration in files, Keynote, among other applications, with just one click. A version of FaceTime with subtitles is currently in development, that is, it is expected to include an automatic transcription in real time.

Now the iPhone can be used as if it were a webcam connected to the Mac or an additional microphone, in addition to improvements in modes, effects and framing.

New applications in MacOS Ventura.

With the new MacOS update will come Freeform. Apple has already unveiled a «sneek peak» of the productivity-focused tool that will allow you to plan new projects and collect the most important materials in one place. With Freeform you will have the possibility to collaborate in real time with other people adding to the project from images and videos, to documents, PDF files and web links, all with preview, the company is working on the final version.

The Weather App will arrive on the Mac with an optimized design and will make the weather forecast for up to the next 10 days.

Apple will also redesign the Home App with a new image with categories, grid display and an improvement in the updated architecture.

When will macOS Ventura be available?

MacOS Ventura was unveiled by Apple in June 2022 and is expected to be unveiled at the Apple Event on September 7 when the new iPhone 14 will also be unveiled.

Brief history of macOS

In 1984 Apple unveiled its Macintosh personal computer with its 128K model, which introduced the new MacOS operating system, then known as System Software. The first MacOS update came in 1999 with macOS 9, to make way for new versions of MacOS X that were improving over the years.

The MacOS Version System started with macOS X 10.0 codenamed Cheetah in 2001 and has since been changing in decimals for the most part, until MacOS Catalina released in 2019, the version was 10.15.

Later came MacOS Big Sur with version 11.0 in 2020 and Monterey in 2021 that was named with version 12.0.

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