The crash detection function that was announced with great fanfare by Apple in the new iPhone 14 is having failed reports when users use a roller coaster, some people reported through social networks, which has generated false alarms to the  emergency services.

The specialized media The WST collected some testimonies about it, in which a complete audio of the automated call in which an iPhone 14 Pro made to the emergency number 911 was obtained, in which a voice is heard expressing «The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car accident and is not answering his phone.»

This happened after a user got on a roller coaster in Cincinnati, in which it exceeded 70 kilometers per hour. According to the record obtained, the message sent by the iPhone was repeated seven times, so the emergency services sent a team with the aim of reviewing the situation, in which they did not find any emergency.

According to the author of the original story, named Joanna Stern, her sources told her that this incident is also reported when some drivers are on the road and her phone accidentally falls to the floor of the car.

In total, the author obtained six testimonies from people who own an iPhone who reported «severe» car accidents, in which all meet the requirement to be at a fair.

However, not everything is bad with this function, as the same reporter said that she concentrated a successful use case in Nebraska, where a car hit a tree and there were no witnesses nearby, so the alert service of an iPhone 14 Pro alerted the emergency services and saved the driver’s life.

Finally, Apple gave its opinion on the matter and assured that the algorithm «will continue to improve», while specifying, there were already some adjustments to avoid false positives.


The automatic alert service to emergency teams was a feature introduced in the iPhone 14 generation, launched last September. According to Apple, it works by algorithms that collect and analyze information based on the gyroscope and accelerometer.

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