Less than a week after the four new iPhones were officially launched: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, a report specialized in Apple products ensures that none of these exceeds 4,500 mAh in terms of battery.

From MacRumors, portal with prestige in terms of information of the apple brand, it is specified that the maximum capacity of the new iPhone remains at just over 4,300 mAh whose information is complicated to refute because usually Apple does not disclose complete specifications of its equipment, as in the case of RAM or the battery capacity itself.

The information is precise that the iPhone 14 has a battery of 3,279 mAH, the iPhone 14 Plus has 4,325 mAh and the iPhone 14 Pro has a 3,200 mAH; this would mean that all these devices have even greater capacity than the previous version in regards to the same range model, considering that the iPhone 13 had 3 thousand 227 mAh in its battery and the iPhone 13 pro had 3 thousand 095 mAh.

The note specifies that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has 4 thousand 323 mAh, which falls short compared to the 4 thousand 352 mAH that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has, that is, it has less capacity than the previous version.

During the presentation of the new iPhone 14 Apple assured that the new devices will be able to offer battery for the whole day, the iPhone 14 Plus is the device that has the longest duration of any cellular device of the brand.

The lower battery use in the PRO versions would be given by the efficiency of Apple’s new A16 Bionic Chip.


According to information from 9to5Mac, the price to replace the battery of the iPhone 14 will increase to $ 99, which will represent an increase of approximately 43 percent from the $ 69 that cost to repair the iPhone 13 in that same area.

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