Mark Gurman, one of the most recognized leakers of Apple products said that the Apple Watch 8 will seek to increase the measurements with the device, especially the detection of fever in the user.

Gurman explained that, although it will not be a sensor that manages to detect the exact temperature of the person who uses the Apple Watch 8, it will serve so that excess of it can be identified, in case of being excessive a notification will be displayed with the recommendation to visit a doctor for review.

This is the second time that Gurman states that an Apple Watch will have this feature, prior to the launch of the Apple Watch 7 he had also announced it, however, the prediction was corrected because the function had not been completed.

This time the forecast seems to be more real, coupled with the advance of another specification, the existence of an Apple Watch that has a resistance at a specialized level focused mainly on extreme sports.

There will be no more relevant news in the Apple Watch, the Cupertino-based brand would be focusing its efforts on the development of more powerful processors such as the M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra and a distant M3, which would be announced from 2023.

Due to the above, the iPhone would also be one of the «neglected» products since the company founded by Steve Jobs would be focused on creating the most powerful processor on the market.


So far, Mark Gurman says that Apple’s projects for the rest of the year and the first half of 2023 are launches of:

  • 4 different models of iPhone 14
  • 3 types of Apple Watch
  • Macs with M2 and M3 chips.
  • New iPads.
  • New AirPods Pro.

In addition to updates to the HomePod and Apple TV. Virtual reality glasses would also make their arrival on the market.

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