Again a theft related to cryptocurrencies was reported, the affected network was Harmony, because some hacker managed to make a bridge to steal a sum that amounts to approximately 100 million dollars in digital currencies.

According to the data available until this Friday, it was not exactly the blockchain that suffered the attack, the breach was made in one of the bridges that is used to communicate with other networks, particularly with Horizon. Derived from the facts, it was announced that the transactions on the bridge were stopped, although more data on the affectation are unknown.

According to analysis by specialists in the field, digital hackers probably managed to find a way to falsify transactions, so they would have created orders of non-existent cryptocurrencies to be exchanged for tokens that were real and that had value in the market.

On the other hand, Harmony also announced that the bridge it has with the Bitcoin network is intact, so it continues in operations without any risk so far.

In addition, it was reported that those responsible for the network are in the process of collaborating with computer forensic specialists, as well as the FBI, with the aim of finding those responsible for the attack.

So far in 2022 there have been records of multiple millionaire attacks on cryptocurrency networks or platforms. One of them was the attack on Wormhole, whose theft amounted to 318 million dollars in cryptocurrencies, another one carried out on the Ronin bridge, from which 625 million dollars in digital currencies were stolen, in addition to that of Qubit Finance, from which approximately 80 million dollars were stolen.


The Harmony network is a blockchain considered fast and open that can run Ethereum applications with a transaction speed of 2 seconds, and with fees up to 100 times lower compared to others.

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