According to the computer security company, Atlas VPN, during January, February and March 2022, up to 72 hacks have been counted in different blockchains that already add up to a stolen amount of 682 million 164 thousand 597 dollars.

This report is based on data from Slowmist Hacked, a site dedicated to collecting information on attacks made against blockchain projects (which have been accounted for). The calculation of the value of losses is based on the value of the cryptocurrency at the time of being attacked.

The ecosystem that has had the most effects was Solana, with a total loss of 396 million 921 thousand 42 dollars. The main case was very notorious a few weeks ago when it became known that a hacker in Wormhole took advantage of a vulnerability that existed in the communication bridge between Solana and other DeFI managing to accumulate up to 120 thousand Ether, equivalent to 334 million dollars.

In second place is Binance Smart Chain, said ecosystem had losses of up to 99 million 340 thousand 607 dollars in 12 different incidents, the largest was the one that occurred in the Qubit protocol which caused the attackers to get 80 million dollars through the QBridge deposit function.

Other ecosystems that had effects were those of NFTs, Exchange, Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom.

In total, of the 72 hacking events, 20 have been for NFT, 16 for the Ethereum ecosystem, 12 for the Binance Smart Chain, 9 in the other category, 4 in Fantom, 4 in Solana, 3 in Exchange, 2 in Blockchain, 1 in Wallet and 1 in Polygon.

However, despite the calculation, Atlas VPN specifies that, in reality, the losses could be more.


According to historical information provided by Atlas VPN, in the first quarter of 2018 there were five hacking events, in the same period, but from 2019 62, in the first three months of 2020 13, in 2021 33 and in 2022 there was the highest rate in recent years, with 72.


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