After Bloomberg reported that Samsung had suffered a hack, the technology brand itself confirmed it by providing data about the theft, among the compromised information highlights the theft of source code from Galaxy devices, in addition to internal information of the company.

The above was reported in preliminary reports in early March, it was not until Monday that Samsung made it official.

Lapsus$, a group of Latin American hackers has already been credited with responsibility for the attack, they would be the intellectual authors and are also responsible for the hack of Nvidia, which was reported a few days ago.

According to information from the group of hackers, in total there were 189.93 GB of stolen information, a fact that was confirmed by the specialized media Bleeping Computer.

For its part, Samsung said that no sensitive information of users or employees such as personal data, was violated or compromised ensuring that security systems were reinforced after the leak.

«Based on our initial analysis, the breach involves some source code related to the operation of Galaxy devices, but does not include the personal information of our consumers or employees. Currently, we do not anticipate any impact on our business or customers. We have implemented measures to prevent further incidents of this type and will continue to serve our customers without interruption», the brand said in a statement.


Lapsus$, the group of hackers already adds three hacks to transnational companies: Nvidia, Samsung and Mercado Libre, of which, the three have already confirmed their respective attacks and even Nvidia reported an extortion attempt.

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