For some years the interest of both public and private companies for outer space was reactivated, Space X company of Elon Musk has one of the most ambitious long-term goals, such as taking humans not only to the Moon, but also to Mars and in the voice of the tycoon himself, this mission would begin to be developed in its first phases before the end of 2022.

Through his Twitter, Elon Musk responded that it is «likely» that orbital flights can begin on the Starship rocket in November and even, if things go extremely well, in October.

According to the tesla owner, he expects that by the end of the year he will have two thrusters and ships ready, with the aim of making a complete production of the rocket every two months. It should be remembered that the system consists of two parts, the first has the name Super Heavy Booster which has the function of being a giant propellant, with an integration of up to 33 engines while the other part is the Starship, a spaceship up to 50 meters high and six integrated engines.

The initial test has been delayed at least twice, the first due to problems in the manufacture of the ships, the second because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted an investigation to reduce the environmental impact at the Space X base.

Last Monday, September 19, the Booster 7 prototype managed to start seven of its engines without reporting failures, which means that the tests continue and are still in development, the final goal is to develop 33 prototypes; when that number is reached, Space X would be ready to launch the rocket without any hindrance.


The first test consisted of a takeoff from the Starbase, to later send the Starship ship to an orbital journey that will end in a landing located in the Pacific Ocean, meanwhile, the Booster would make its arrival in the Gulf of Mexico, off Texas. It should be remembered that SpaceX emphasized that these two parts will be completely reusable.

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