After several attacks and hacks on various technology and video game companies, the first people who are allegedly linked to the Lapsus$ hacker group began to be arrested.

This, after the London police reported that seven teenagers were arrested for having alleged connections with Lapsus$, in addition to the BBC said that the local police have a line of investigation for which they arrested seven people between 16 and 21 years old and who were released after protection mechanisms were established to continue with the investigation.

Among the main companies that have been victims of information theft by Lapsus$, Nvidia, Mercado Libre, Ubisoft, Nvidia, Samsung, Okla and recently Microsoft are listed.

This contributes to the information published on March 23, which ensures that several companies hired private investigators to track down the group of hackers and even handled a version about the leader was a 16-year-old from Oxford, although this version was not confirmed by the police.

In addition, the theory claims that the teenager, known as «White» has autism and his identity was revealed because he bought a website called Doxbin, which was used to publish the data of people who had been «doxeadas». However, users disagreed with White’s management, so they leaked his personal information and his «resume» as a hacker, which includes the accumulation of more than 300 bitcoins and his affiliation to Lapsus$.

Once that data was published, according to Bloomberg, it was announced that White was already wanted by security corporations, because his group of hackers usually does not cover their tracks, in addition to announcing companies to attack through social networks such as Telegram.

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