The video game company Ubisoft reported that last week it suffered a cyberattack that caused interruptions in some of its games, systems and services, so, in the face of the threat, they began a reset of passwords worldwide to rule out any type of affectation to their servers.

Similarly, the French firm said that its intelligence groups are in the process of collaborating with external experts to investigate the attack, so so far there is no information about the scope or data that could, where appropriate, obtain the hackers, although it was specified that there is no evidence that personal data of the players have been exposed as a result of the incident.

Also, Ubisoft assured that all its games and services were already «working normally» at the time of uploading its statement and affirmed that they will continue with the investigation.

So far in March, several technology companies have reported similar incidents, as in the case of Nvidia and Samsung highlighting that in both cases a group of hackers called Lapsus$ claimed responsibility for the attacks, a fact that also happened recently with the attack on Ubisoft, through its Telegram group.

In the case of the firm specialized in graphics peripherals, it was confirmed that they stole credentials, while in the South Korean company the hackers managed to access the source code of their Galaxy devices, in addition to specific information of the company.

Another firm that was also affected in recent days was Mercado Libre, with theft of data from approximately 300 thousand users and the leaking of its source code. Although so far this attack has not been attributed to this group of hackers, days before the leak, in its Telegram group, Lapsus asked his followers which company they wanted to be the next to be breached, obtaining the «triumph» Mercado Libre.

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