Peter Wennink, chief executive of ASML, the main supplier of machines for the manufacture of semiconductors, reported during an interview with the Financial Times that the shortage of chips would remain for at least two more years, it would be until 2024 when circumstances would begin to improve for the industry.

According to Wennink, the main reason for the shortage is that demand is greater than supply even though production continues. Production levels have had all-time highs worldwide and not just one or two companies, but virtually the entire semiconductor-focused sector.

According to the president of ASML, the Netherlands-based company will increase production capacity with semiconductor manufacturing machines by 50 percent which will take at least 2 years due to technological and implementation complications.

Peter Wennink’s statements contradict those of other companies focused on the sector as in the case of Foxconn, which at the time said that shortages were being controlled.

For her part, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, was a little more positive in assuring that the shortage would end this 2022 and even the Toshiba firm said that the shortage would end in 2023.
The truth is that there is no forecast in which the main companies converge, so we will have to wait.


Integrated circuits or semiconductor chips are used in the technological world to create different products such as video games, cars, graphics cards, consoles, computers, among others. Currently there is a greater demand for technology products which has generated an increase in prices and waiting list to acquire them.


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