Considered by many as the worst browser of all Microsoft Internet Explorer ended its life cycle this June 15 after being released on August 17, 1995 serving just over 27 years in operation.

Internet Explorer marked an entire era in the history of Internet browsers. It emerged after Netscape as a tool to access the network of networks, its path was difficult plagued by various irregularities such as security breaches and incompatibilities with the display of web pages, among other problems.

In its best time Microsoft Internet Explorer came to have a presence in more than 90% of the computers in the world figures that no other browser reached because it was installed on all Windows computers since Windows 95.

The beginning of the end for the Microsoft browser began when the first version of Mozilla Firefox was released in 2004 that being an open source software gave greater ease for its development and improves by taking market share from IE and setting a precedent for the creation of other open source browsers such as: Chrome, Opera, Brave, etc.

So Microsoft ends in this 2022 the life cycle of Internet Explorer to give rise to an open source browser based on Chromium: Microsoft Edge launched in 2015.

Edge will replace the already mythical Redmond browser with great improvements in terms of security, standardization for web viewing as well as a better user experience.

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