The company Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) announced its plan to build a studio to produce films and videos in zero gravity, which would dock with the International Space Station and include in its construction a sports arena and an entertainment center.

According to the calendar which was published in recent days, it is planned that the space module called SEE-1 will be put into orbit at the end of 2024 through which films, television, music and sporting events could be hosted in a microgravity environment, in addition to being suitable both for producing and recording content as well as for live transmission.

The company in charge of manufacturing the module will be Axiom Space which will seek to adapt to the International Space Station and also host other commercial companies, among which stands out a trend that has rebounded in its advances in recent years: space tourism.

If all goes as planned, in December 2024 the SEE-1 module would become operational by incorporating it into the International Space Station and would remain there until 2028, when Axiom is expected to launch its particular space station.

In case it materializes, it would not be the first time that a production would be recorded in outer space, in October 2021 Russia recorded some scenes of the film Challenge in the Russian section of the International Space Station staying 12 days in the station and involving the cosmonauts who were installed.

In the coming years there would be more and more private stations in Earth orbit.
By 2027 the company Starlab would place one to carry out research and industrial activity, while the tycoon Jeff Bezos would build a so-called Orbital Reef, which would have to be ready no later than the year 2030.


Space Entertainment Enterprise is known for co-producing the first film in space with the help of SpaceX and NASA, which would star renowned actor Tom Cruise, who has become famous in action films in which he has even performed various risk scenes such as climbing the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, get off a moving helicopter, or take shots on the outside of an airplane while flying.

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