In recent years Qualcomm and MediaTek have been the main brands that provide processors to most Android smartphones, some manufacturers have chosen to create their own chipsets, as in the case of Samsung and its Exynos, who will be joined by the Oppo brand, since, according to a report, they are in the process of developing one to use on their phones.

The IT Home site was in charge of publicizing this initiative of the Chinese firm, which, they say, has the firm intention of removing a little the dependence that the brand has on external processors, which even has to do with the fact that globally there is a shortage of components.

Similarly, it was announced that this creation could be ready by 2023, since it will enter production in that year and will be manufactured by TSMC -one of the largest chipset companies worldwide- with a 6nm process. In addition, it is planned that an alternative with integrated modem will arrive, however, this would be launched on the market until 2024 and would have a 4nm process made by TSMC.

As this report was just a small sample of what the Oppo chipset will be, there are no technical details such as the clock frequency it will have, much less the GPU, the number of cores or other characteristics that are relevant to a processor, so so far it is unknown for what range it could be used, if for premium or for the average.

As background, since 2021 it was handled that Oppo would make its own processor, at first it was confused with a 5G modem. In addition, last year it also presented the MariSilicon X NPU for the improvement of a camera processor, so the Chinese firm will not arrive without experience to create the instrument.


Oppo is a brand based in Guangdong, China that was founded in 2014; in the first quarter of 2021 it ranked fourth in smartphone exports worldwide, in addition to the fact that at that time 430 million users were reported worldwide.

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