From its presentation, AirTag devices surprised by their functionality  to locate objects such as bags, backpacks or wallets, the above  generated a controversy because they could be misused usingthem to follow people without their authorization, the latter was enough forGoogle and Apple to join to avoid these acts  which consists of the presentation of a standard proposal for the industry to allow devices with Bluetooth to detect when there is a device doing unauthorized tracking alerting users.

If approved, the proposal would allow an Android device to detect if there is unauthorized tracking of the AirTag and thus alert the user. Currently Google does not have a tracking product similar to Apple, rumors indicate that they will soon launch one.

The proposed collaboration between Google and Apple is at an early stage and has the support of other companies  in the technology industry that already manufacture their own trackers, such as  Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, eufy Security and Pebblebee.

The joint collaborative  project will have a three-month period to receive feedback from interested companies and specialists, then PPLE and Google will meet to make  the necessary adjustments for its implementation no later than the end of 2023.

«A key element in reducing misuse is a universal operating system-level solution that can detect trackers made by different companies on the variety of smartphones people use every day.»

Alexandra Reeve Givens, president and CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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