After a time of waiting, Amazon Prime Video released the first chapter of its biggest bet so far, the series of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and apparently since its launch is becoming a success of reproductions, according to figures from the platform itself, the premiere of the series was seen by 25 million people.

Prime Video cataloged it as the best premiere in the history of its platform, ensuring that it broke all previous records in terms of an own production of Amazon Studios.

Amazon did not specify what it considers as visualization, that is, the time that the viewer spent viewing its new production, whether it was 5, 10 or 20 minutes, or the entire chapter.

The above, from the premise that previously, when Netflix broadcast data on views, considered as one after the viewer saw at least two minutes viewed and not the entire chapter.

Prime Video usually does not release viewing data of its series, however, in The Rings of Power it made an exception because thousands of users expected to see the new product, in addition to the fact that it has generated expectation internationally because it became the most expensive series in history with a budget expenditure of 465 million dollars in its first season,  which would give an average of 58.1 million dollars per episode when considering that it will be 8 chapters.

Although the first season is barely in broadcast, it is planned that the end of the season will be on October 14 next to consider that weekly episodes will be released, there is already the confirmation of a second season that is in the production phase.


Other series that have had a high budget for their creation are Stranger Things, which is estimated to have a cost of 30 million dollars per episode in its fourth season; House Of The Dragon, with $20 million per episode, as well as the eighth season of Game Of Thrones, with up to $15 million per episode.

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