The famous skater Tony Hawk announced that he will make a collaboration with The Sandbox, one of the platforms to create virtual worlds, Hawk seeks to join the metaverse with a skating center (or skatepark) that aims to be the largest in the place.

According to information provided by the skater himself, he will seek to have his park named Tony Hawk Land and will not only seek to implement the space to gather people, but will also partner with Autograph to create Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are based on the avatar of the American athlete.

Among the outfits that have already been advanced will be present in the virtual world and the NFTs, the complete set that he used in the X Games of 1990 to perform the 900 trick stands out, remembered as one of the most iconic of his career.

Through a statement, Sandbox said that the NFTs will be executed through the Ethereum network, so they can be used throughout the metaverse that this platform handles, in addition to the fact that the holders will be given some additional benefits, such as the opportunity to be present virtually at special events.

Each user who joins Tony Hawk Land will be able to create their own ramps and edit their terrain according to the objects they choose to create their own circuits, although this will not be free, it will require the purchase of tokens.

This is not Tony Hawk’s first approach to the world of NFTs, in December 2021 he issued a series of tokens called Tony Hawk Last Trick Collection, which represented the skateboards that were used to complete iconic tricks of the athlete who at the time participated in the X Games and as a «gift»,  buyers obtained a physical version of that table.

I’ve been a fan of new technologies all my life, from the first video games and home computers with CGI capabilities. So I’m fascinated with the metaverse and excited to bring our culture to the virtual landscape of The Sandbox.

-Tony Hawk

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